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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Stair Considerations For A Two-Level Dock

by Nicholas Jenkins

If you have the budget, building a two-level dock can be an ambitious and exciting project. You'll likely have specific ideas about how you'll use the two levels of this structure. For example, the bottom part of the dock might be devoted to boating, while the upper level might be for relaxing. However you plan to use the dock, you'll want to build a proper set of stairs between the two levels. Work closely with your dock builder to discuss the position and features of the stairs, making sure to cover all of the following points before your dock construction begins.

Open Style

There are generally two styles of staircases. There are those that are open and those that are closed. Closed stairs have solid risers between the treads, while open stairs do not. There are lots of advantages of closed stairs, but this isn't the best design for building a staircase on a two-level dock. Gusts of wind will catch the staircase and cause it to rock back and forth. This can eventually weaken it to the point that it requires repair. The open design, meanwhile, will allow the wind to blow straight through the stairs, thus avoiding damage.

Tread Traction

You have to realize that your staircase will be damp a lot of the time. Rain and splashing waves can cause the stairs to get damp, while peoples' wet feet can also add moisture to the treads. Wet stairs can be a slipping hazard, which is definitely not what you want when you're going to have family members and friends using the dock. Talk to your dock builder about the different ways of adding traction to the treads. Different adhesive products, as well as special paint, can give each tread a textured surface to make the stairs easier to navigate safely.


Lots of people have lights installed on their docks for a variety of reasons. Certain types of lights will make the dock visible to boaters, while other lights can make the space more useful for parties at dusk. If you're planning to add stairs to your dock design, make sure that you have a plan for lights along the staircase. Dark or shadowy stairs can be difficult to navigate, especially if someone isn't paying a lot of attention or perhaps has been drinking. A small LED light in the frame next to each tread, for example, can keep the staircase adequately lit.