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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Consider Limestone When Choosing A Material For Your Patio And Walkways

by Nicholas Jenkins

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that has many uses around your property. Its strength makes it suitable for driveways, and its beauty makes it suitable for use around a pool. Here are some things to know about limestone and some suggestions for using it around your home.

Limestone Has Different Grades

Limestone has different characteristics depending on the quarry it comes from. Some limestone is harder than others and better at resisting water. Discuss your needs with your landscaper or contractor, so you choose the right type of limestone for the project you want. For instance, you'll want a durable stone that can handle the weight of a vehicle if you want a limestone driveway. Crushed limestone is often used for driveways too. Different grades are used for different layers. Crushed limestone comes in different sizes too, so getting professional help is a good idea if you're tackling a big project like putting in a driveway or patio.

Limestone Makes Attractive Retaining Walls

Limestone is a good material for building retaining walls on your property. Limestone can last for generations, and it's a good permanent solution for hilly areas of your yard that need to be terraced or held back with a retaining wall. The wall is not only durable, but it's also attractive when it's made from large pieces of limestone.

Limestone Can Be Used For Benches And Fire Pits

Large pieces of limestone can be used to make garden benches for your yard. These can be as simple as a slab on top of two large blocks. A limestone bench adds rustic beauty to a sitting area in your yard or garden. Limestone is also ideal for making a fire pit, the flooring under the pit, and for seating around the fire. You can create a seamless look by having your patio, walkway, and fire pit area made of limestone.

Boulders Make Interesting Borders And Accents

Limestone comes in many sizes from small gravel to large boulders. Boulders are nice for making a border near the edge of your property to keep cars from driving on your grass or cutting a corner too close when you live on a corner lot. A boulder is also a nice focal point for a flower garden. Smaller boulders can be used to contrast plants in a bed near your foundation. You'll find many uses for small and medium boulders around your property.

Limestone Pavers Are Attractive For Patios

You can use limestone pavers for various hardscapes around your property. The pavers have an attractive earth-tone color, so they're perfect for walkways and a patio. You can add steps and knee walls made of limestone to the patio for a uniform appearance when you put in an outdoor kitchen or create the ultimate outdoor living space.

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