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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Common FAQs About Metal Roofing On An Old House

by Nicholas Jenkins

You have found your dream home, and it is absolutely beautiful with all of its vintage charm and old features. However, that old metal roof on top is a little concerning to you. Here is a look at a few common questions you may have if you buy an old home that still has an old metal roof in place. 

Why do old houses often have multicolored metal roofing?

Instead of replacing the entire roof when a sheet of metal went missing or became damaged, it was really common back in the day to just pick up a sheet of metal and hammer it into place to conceal the open area. Over time, this practice would lead to a roof looking like something akin to a patchwork quilt. This is because the multiple pieces of metal probably had different metal coatings and may have been painted before going into place. 

How do you know if the old metal roof on your house is still good? 

If you buy an old house and you are wondering if it is still good, there are a few things you can do. 

  1. Visual Assessment: Grab a ladder and take a good look at the roof. Do you see spots of corrosion? Are there areas where the roofing has been broken? Do you see holes? You can garner a lot about the metal roof's condition just by visual examination. 
  2. Professional Assessment: If you're not comfortable with assessing the roof on your own, call up a metal roofing company and have them take a look for you. In most cases, they can tell you how old the roof is and if it does need to be replaced. They can also make repairs if the roof could last you a while longer. 

Is it true that metal roofing is not the same as it used to be?

Just like other construction materials, metal roofing is definitely more high-tech than it once was. The metal is made to be more resilient to the rain and UV rays of the sun, for example, because it is often treated during manufacturing with coatings to keep it that way. Modern metal roofing is also more insulated in design to provide a more efficient finish to the top of a home. Installation methods have changed as well, with more attention paid to interlocking metal sheets, so there is a more unified barrier system. 

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