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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Hello, my name is John Chase and if you're like me, you enjoy doing home repair projects yourself. I'm far from being a professional, but I can do minor repairs on the outside of my house such as painting and repairing the gutters. If there's a big project to do and I know that I shouldn't tackle the task myself, I always hire an experienced contractor to do the job. As you read through this blog, you'll learn how to hire the best contractor for home repair. You'll also find out what types of jobs around the house that you can do yourself and when you should contact a qualified contracting company. I think that you'll find my blog informative and I'm supplying this information so that all of your home repair projects will be successful.


Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Protecting VIP Clients During And After Building For Them

by Nicholas Jenkins

Owning and operating a construction business means that sometimes you will take on projects that require a certain amount of discretion. That means that not everyone is allowed to view the blueprints or see what the finished building is supposed to look like. Sometimes it may also means protecting the client entirely, as is the case with someone famous who likes to "hide" out in various states when he/she is not busy acting or singing (e.g., Harrison Ford in Wisconsin, Prince (when he was alive) in Minnesota, etc.). Even after a project is complete, you still have to keep things confidential, but how? The following options will help you keep your professional word.

Doing Walk-Throughs with the VIP by Yourself

Despite the fact that you could have you crews sign confidentiality agreements, it only takes one set of loose lips to draw the paparazzi crowd. It is best not to risk it. That includes meeting with your VIP client and doing a walk-through of the house or building project on which you are working for him/her. Keep the meeting simple by being the only one present, with the VIP and anyone the VIP brings along. Your VIP client will be unencumbered by photographers, you will feel more secure showing him/her the construction progress and/or completion, and you can freely discuss any changes the client wants you to make.

Assigning Different Crews to Build Different Sections

Take a page from the Sarah Winchester approach to building; never hire the same crew to build more than one section of a house. In your case, you can assign various crews to each take a section of the building and build it according to plan. No one sees what they are building as a whole, and yet, everything comes together as it should. This will keep your three-plus building crews very busy and prevent them from seeing too much of the building plans that the VIP has given you.

Shredding Services

As tempting as it might be to hold onto blue prints, letters, emails, and other documents from your business dealings with such clients, you have to let these items go. Shredding services, like those offered by Document Demolition LLC, provide equally confidential services for people who need to protect clients or patients. The shredding service company takes all you have and turns it into confetti, including any CDs, billing with client bank card or account numbers on them, and blueprints, of course.