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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

How To Install Drapery Rods

by Nicholas Jenkins

Installing draperies can add unique style and cohesion to your window fixtures. It is also a great project because the labor is not difficult and it doesn't require any special tools. When it comes to installing drapery on a window, is all about perfecting the rod installation. This article explains drapery rods, the various styles available, and how to best install them.

Wooden Drape Rods

Choosing the right material for your rods is very important. That is, the functionality of wooden rods will be very different from the functionality of metal rods. Generally, wooden rods are a little harder to use. However, some people still like them because they can be painted a custom color. This means you can paint your drapery rods to match the other colors of your interior decor. Wooden rods are a little restrictive because it is harder to slide the drapes from side to side. That is, wood is not as smooth as metal so it needs to be waxed if you plan on actually using the drapes on a daily basis. However, many people install drapes that appear the decorative, and they are never meant to be opened or closed, so this won't really be an issue.

Metal Drape Rods

Metal rods are definitely more functional than wooden rods, especially if you plan on opening and closing them regularly. They are generally thinner, and come in a wide variety of finishes. Whether you want a rustic look or a modern look, you should be able to find a metal product.

Installing the Rods

The key to installing the drapery rods is making sure your brackets are securely installed. If possible, make sure the screws you use to attach the brackets are actually hitting studs within the walls. This means you will need a stud finder. In most cases you can hit the window frame around the window casement. However, if you want your drapes to be higher or wider, you need to find studs. If you cannot find studs, you can use plastic screw anchors. But, even these anchors are not 100% effective, especially on drapes that are being used. All of the sliding and pulling can put too much pressure on the screws. The last thing you want is for the rod to fall out when you are just trying to close them.

Whether you go for wooden or metal rods, make sure the brackets are securely attached to studs within the walls. Contact a service, like Park City Blind & Design, for help.