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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

About To Adopt A Dog? Make Sure To Get Fence Repair Beforehand

by Nicholas Jenkins

When you live in a house that you own with just your spouse, you may not worry too much about backyard safety. But, you may be putting together plans to adopt a dog, which means you will need to get your backyard ready for their arrival since it will likely become the place they go to the bathroom. It is best to make sure you do not have any poisonous plants outside by the time you adopt them, but you will also want to hire a fencing contractor to take care of repairs so that your property is thoroughly protected.

Replace Weak or Damaged Pickets

On a wooden fence, it is possible for pickets to wear down over time. They may still look structurally sound, but with enough force, they could break and then your dog a pathway off the property. It is the damaged pickets that should be more noticeable and easier to discuss with professionals. In some cases, the fence may be worn down enough that you may want to replace everything, but this is a conversation that you can have after the initial inspection is done. If your fence has a decade or so left in it, you can just follow through with the repairs using budget wood and then prepare for replacing it all in the future.

Pressure Wash the Entire Surface

It is important to pressure wash the entire surface of the fence. At first glance, a fence may look like it needs to be replaced, but a thorough cleaning can remove years of built up dirt and grime. If your dog ends up putting their paws on the fence after you adopt them, you will feel a little more comfortable knowing that they are not getting their pads all dirty right before they are about to come inside.

Identify Potential Escape Routes

The extensive experience of fencing professionals should help you identify any possible escape routes. This is an important task to undertake because you do not want to risk your dog running away. A fencing professional like http://www.aandrrent-a-fence.com can put mesh at the top of the fence to create a visual barrier in the way of their route. It may also be worth fencing off an entire high-risk area to prevent an ongoing escape problem.

Before you adopt a dog, taking the time to prepare your backyard with tasks such as repairing the fence and making sure there are no escape opportunities is a great start to being a dog owner.