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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Cedar Benefits You Must Know Before You Decide On A Fence

by Nicholas Jenkins

Need a brand new fence around your yard? With there being so many different materials out there to pick from, you may be weighing all the pros and cons of each. The appeal of aluminum or vinyl fencing can be tempting, but sometimes it is best to stick with a classic wood fence made out of a material like cedar. Here are some benefits that you should know about using cedar wood.

You Can Pick Between Heartwood and Sapwood

When you select cedar fencing, you actually have another option about the kind of wood you want. It can be heartwood or sapwood. The difference is that heartwood comes from the middle of a tree, which is a much stronger wood. Sapwood is from the outer layer, which can be a weaker wood. As you can assume, sapwood costs less than heartwood, but you can go with whatever type of wood meets your needs and budget.

Cedar Will Be Durable

Of all the wood fencing material out there, cedar is very durable. This is because cedar contains natural oils inside the wood that help fend off a potential insect infestation. The oils also help prevent rotting from occurring. With less rot and insect damage, you'll not have to do as much maintenance to the fence over time.

In fact, you should avoid using sealants on cedar woods, since it can harm those natural oils in the material. This should be an indication about how durable a cedar fence can really be.

Cedar Has An Aesthetic Appeal

The look of a fence is just as important as the protection it provides. The tone and grain of cedar give the material a look that's very unique compared to other materials. Cedar even looks great if you avoid staining it and leave it as its natural color, which means you'll need to do less maintenance to re-stain the material every couple of years.

Cedar Will Maintain its Shape

Cedar wood doesn't warp or shrink like other woods, which means the material will look great for many years to come. Other wood fencing material can leave gaps between the fence boards over time as the wood shrinks, which gives you less privacy since people can see right through the fence.

For more information on cedar fencing, reach out to a fencing contractor at http://www.phoenixfence.com or a similar website. They can help give you an estimate for how much it will cost to install a cedar fence for your home.