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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Custom Home Designs: Choosing Between a Deck, a Patio, and a Porch

by Nicholas Jenkins

Outdoor living spaces are one of the most popular features with homeowners today. They are easy to custom-design to match both lifestyle and budget specifications, and they are an affordable way to add an entertaining area to any home. The best time to plan these spaces is when a new home is in the design process. This reduces costs and ensures the addition suits the style of the home perfectly. Here are a few pros and cons to help homeowners decide what is best for them. 

Choosing a Porch

Pros: The roof of the porch provides shade and shelters everyone from the rain and snow. The roof makes the porch usable nearly all year long. Porches are usually cooler that the rest of the exterior because they are so sheltered. In addition, they can be screened to provide protection from insects. 

Cons: The roof tends to make these areas feel more like an inside space, and porches are sometimes dark because they shield too much sun. It is riskier to use a grill on a porch if the roof is low. In addition to the risk of flames, the smoke can also build up on the porch more easily while you are grilling. The cost of building a porch is usually higher than that of a deck or patio because of the roof and the need to make certain the base can support it. 

Building a Deck 

Pros: Decks are more open to the outdoors and are perfect for sunbathing. They offer a convenient space to grow an herb garden, especially when they are built right off the kitchen. They pair nicely with hot tubs and in-ground pools. 

Cons: The constant exposure to the weather means the wood has to be stained or painted every couple of years. In areas where there is a lot of snow, the snow has to be kept shoveled to prevent too much weight from accumulating. With a deck, there is no way to protect against insects, and umbrellas are necessary to provide any relief from the sun. 

Installing a Patio

Pros: The choice of materials like concrete makes patios very inexpensive to install. If the foundation under the patio is prepared properly, it will require very little maintenance over time. A patio installation rarely requires permits, and patios are easy to extend later on, if desired. 

Cons: Patios need a level space for installation. This could require extensive ground work on sloping yards. Weed control is sometimes a problem between the pavers. Additionally, patio materials are often vulnerable to cracking, especially in areas where there is a wide range of temperatures during the summer and winter. 

An outdoor space will help to improve the appeal, resale value, and comfort of the home. In this regard, it does not matter whether the structure is a deck, porch, or patio because this type of feature is always a popular selling point. Furthermore, adding this sort of structure is a sensible idea even if the owner is never planning to sell the home because the structure's beauty and usefulness almost always make the structure worth the investment. 

If you are shopping for a new home and are interested in adding one of these structures to a home that is being built for you, talk to new-home builders in your area about how much money it will cost for them to add one of these structures onto your home.