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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Top 4 Must-Have Gutter-Cleaning Tools

by Nicholas Jenkins

While it's possible to get out a ladder and scoop up the leaves that are cluttering your gutter with your bare hands, this old-fashioned method takes a long time and isn't so friendly to your back. There are plenty of nifty inventions on the market that will make this job much easier. You may even start looking forward to cleaning those leaves out of the gutter. 

Gutter Tongs

There are plenty of versions of gutter tongs on the market, and they all work the same way. Each set of tongs comes on the end of a long pole. Users can squeeze the handle at the base of the pole once the tongs are in position over a pile of leaves in the gutter. This will close the tongs in on the debris so you can lift the dirt and leaves out and get rid of them.   

Pressure-Washer Gutter-Cleaning Attachment

After you've removed the large piles of debris, you can begin rinsing the gutters out. There are a few ways to do this. You can simply add a high-pressure nozzle to your garden hose, or you can purchase a pressure-washer gutter-cleaning attachment. The first method is more budget-friendly, however, it still requires you to climb a ladder. A pressure-washer attachment is curved so that it fits directly over the edge of the gutter from a pole that can be held from a standing position on the ground. 

Gutter-Cleaning Applicator

Once you have the inside of your gutter cleaned, it's time to move on to the outside. A gutter-cleaning applicator is your best bet, as it is both affordable and easy to use. Simply attach the applicator to the end of your painter's pole and start scrubbing. The pad is made of lamb's wool and can be dipped in any type of all-purpose cleaner. The pad is also angled so that it easily fits around the outside of your gutter. 

Gutter Guard

To make gutter cleaning easier for next time, install a gutter guard. This device resembles a bristle brush and fits nicely inside your gutters. It works by allowing rain to pass down through the gutter while keeping leaves and other items out. Although a little dirt may still end up in the gutter itself, you'll be able to skip out on using the gutter tongs and move straight on to washing the gutters with the pressure-washer gutter-cleaning attachment. 

If at any time during your gutter cleaning you come across a clog, you can use a plumber's snake to get it out. This handy tool has a spiral end that twists as you turn it and catches on any clumps of debris so you can easily pull them out. 

For more information or for help cleaning out your gutters, consult a professional such as Mr.Gutter, LLC