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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

3 Easy Solutions For Unexpected Furnace Issues

by Nicholas Jenkins

If your home is cold and getting colder by the minute, and you just realized there is either no or limited hot air coming out of your vents, you may think that your next step is to call a technician. However, there are a number of minor problems that could be causing the problem. By applying the following tips, you may be able to solve the problem today without needing to pay an emergency fee for a furnace contractor to come by.

Try The Reset Button

Before examining any part of the furnace, even if the unit does not seem to be powering on, it is essential to turn it off. You should do so at the unit itself and with the breaker in your home, since furnace issues may be unexpected, but should not be shocking. Some units will have a clearly marked reset button, usually located near the motor housing.  Wait 30 minutes after turning the unit off completely so that it will cool.

Then you will need to:

  • Turn the furnace back on at the unit
  • Turn the furnace back on at the breaker
  • Find and press the reset button

If no change occurs, wait another half hour after turning the unit and breaker box off again. At that time, press the reset button once more. If the problem persists, you can attempt the process a third time. After that, it is best to try the next troubleshooting step.    

Examine The Filters

Although you may be vigilant about checking the filters in your heater, there are numerous factors that could cause it to clog faster than you would normally expect. For instance, if you have recently gotten new furry pets, their hair can get caught in the filter, resulting in quicker clogs.

Changing the filters once a month is a common suggestion, but if it seems overly filled, change it more often. It is also important to note that if the filter goes unchanged for a prolonged period of time, there is the possibility that eventually parts of the equipment will become clogged. At that point, serious mechanical issues are possible.

Check To See That The Furnace Is Getting The Power It Needs

An important step that is easy to overlook relates to the power source. You may think that the furnace is not coming on because it is malfunctioning. The truth is that it might not be getting the power it needs to function.

One way to check for that is to turn the furnace off for a couple of minutes and turn it back on. If it does not do so, go to your breaker box and flip the fuse off that controls the unit and wait another couple of minutes before turning it back on. After doing so, turn the furnace back on and see if it works. Hopefully, you fixed the problem. If it is getting power, but still is not working, it is time to consider calling an expert.

In conclusion, a furnace is a complex item with many different parts that could malfunction or break down. As such, there are equally as many problems that could occur and many of them are minor issues that can be fixed easily. Fortunately, by following the above advice as you evaluate the condition of your furnace, you may be able to fix the problem today without any wasted time or money. Contact furnace contractors in your area for more information.