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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Why Should You Invest In Propane Heaters During The Winter?

by Nicholas Jenkins

If this is the first winter that you'll be doing work with your construction company, it may surprise you to learn what kinds of extra expenses and equipment you'll need to concern yourself with. Someone might have recommended propane heaters or industrial heating blankets for your propane tanks, but you aren't convinced you'll need them. Here are some of the reasons propane heaters can be handy and helpful on any construction site in the winter.

Help Tanks Maintain Internal Pressure

Shifts in temperature, particularly drops in temperature, can cause the pressure inside the propane tanks to go down.  As a result of that drop in internal pressure, it is more difficult to get gas to come out of the tank. This can cause delays in work and might mean that the equipment running on propane is never filled completely, as you might not want to wait a long time. That will mean more refueling periods. With a good industrial heating blanket, each tank will be able to maintain its internal pressure and everything can continue to function smoothly.

Prevent Frozen Tanks

Another reason that heaters for your tanks might be a good choice for you is that, depending on where you live, the tanks themselves could become very cold and freeze. If the tanks freeze, it's important to be careful around them because they may crack and then you are likely to have some kind of propane leak that could result in additional problems. Not only that, but frozen tanks are not easy to move to a warmer place, as they are extremely cold to the touch. Good blankets and heaters can keep the temperature of the tanks warm enough to avoid these problems.

Avoid Ice and Snow Buildup

Even if your tanks are not freezing because of the low temperatures in the air, snow and ice can still pose a problem for the tanks on any work site. The coldness of these substances can cause the pressure in your tanks to drop, so you and your employees will have to take valuable time and spend it digging out the propane tanks and attempting to scrape ice off the tanks without damaging them. Industrial heating blankets can eliminate this hassle, as the tanks are kept warm, and snow and ice cannot build up on the tanks.

Because of the reasons described in the article, hopefully you have a better understanding of the reasons propane heaters are a good idea for your construction business during the winter. Be sure to talk to retailers about which blankets or heaters might be best for your particular propane tanks.