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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Do You Have Cold Floors All Winter? Call The Experts To Stop The Chill

by Nicholas Jenkins

If your floors throughout the house are always cold and you live on top of a crawl space, there are a few things you can do to make the house more comfortable and save money. The insulation in the crawlspace may need updating, and this can make a huge difference throughout the winter. Have a professional insulation contractor come to the property and give you a quote for the following things for your crawl space.


A waterproofing sealant is a thick paint that acts as a shield to stop water from coming in the crawl from the soil around the home, and it prevents damage from condensation inside the home. If you're having the space treated with new insulation, it only makes sense to have the space waterproofed at the same time. This could stop potential water damages and mold and mildew problems in the space.


Wrapping and sealing the crawlspace will include putting a plastic seal around the cinder blocks to shield out both water and cold temperatures. The wrapping is also going to be beneficial keeping out small insects. This can be done around the blocks after they have been waterproofed, and before you install new insulation throughout the space.

Continuous Insulation

The continuous foam insulation is going to be a greater option opposed to cavity insulation, because it reduces the temperature difference between the blocks and the studs to lower heat loss and to increase the R-value. The insulation is going to help prevent cold air from getting into the crawlspace, it's going to help stop moisture, and it's also a great barrier against pests like rodents and bugs. The experts can give you an estimate to have this material blown through the house, and they can help tell you what you will save in heating costs.

If you feel that your floors are always cold, and the crawlspace is sucking all of the warm air out of your house in the winter, it's time to have the experts treat the space so you can start saving money and make your home more efficient. Not only are these different things going to help you with lowering heating expenses throughout the year, but also with keeping the crawlspace dry and pest free over time as well. Don't let cold floors be a problem any longer, get professional help and estimates right away. Just make sure that the contractor works with continuous insulation before you hire them.