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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Impact Windows: A Few Facts Regarding Installation & Safety

by Nicholas Jenkins

Whether you live in a hurricane-prone region, tornado alley, or you simply want windows that will resist the attempt of would-be intruders, impact windows are without a doubt what you need. But if you've never had your windows replaced, or if for some reason you weren't present during the last installation, there a few things you need to know before the professionals show up, and a some information for after they leave as well regarding window treatment and safety.

Two And A Half Feet Around House

This is the number of feet that installation professionals need cleared from in front of the interior side of the windows before they arrive. The two and a half feet gives them room to work freely removing old windows and frames and to install the new components. However, you should know that this primarily pertains to valuable items and other fragile belongings, as most contractors are happy to move large furniture or dining room tables out of the way when they arrive. 

The space adjacent to the exterior side of the glass should be cleared as well. This includes everything from trees and bushes to junk in the backyard. This, unlike the interior work, is something that most window professionals will insist you take care of yourself before they get there. 

Immediately Following Installation

With your new windows in place, you might be eager to give them some additional shine or apply special sealants to protect the surface from scratches. Unfortunately, after installation, impact windows, or more specifically the caulking around the edges holding them in place, needs twenty-four hours to fully cure.

During this time, it is imperative that you neither use any cleaning solutions on the glass surfaces nor attempt to apply any kind of shine or protective formulas. Doing so will compromise the integrity of the seal and thus the safety that such windows are designed to provide. 

Degree of Protection

Impact windows are designed to withstand the forces generated from wind-powered debris during hurricanes and tornadoes, so you can rest assured that your apartment, home or business is safe from burglars. Impact windows are so strong in fact, that in order to breach them, in the event of an emergency for instance, you would require a tool that only emergency personnel carry-- a rescue chainsaw. Without that, you aren't getting in the building through the window.

Ultimately, impact windows from a place like Gulf Coast Builders Inc can be one of the safest additions to your home or business for protection from not only the weather, but from intruders and criminals as well.