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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Don't Let A Drain Issue Damage Your Home

by Nicholas Jenkins

The drains in your home aren't just a means by which you empty your bathtub or kitchen sink. They also play a critical role in the efficient operation of your home's plumbing system. Failing to take care of your drains can lead to a true plumbing emergency. Make certain you're playing an active part to keep your drains in good condition so they don't cause problems.

Why Drains are Important

Your drains help move unwanted and dirty water away from your home. Without a good drain system, the harmful toxins and bacteria found in used water would linger around your home. This could lead to excess moisture problems like mold growth and produce a number of harmful health related effects.

When your drains are completely blocked or filled with excessive debris, this debris can either inhibit water from flowing through your drains at all or significantly impede its ability. When the drain isn't operating properly, this will also have an effect on the integrity of the pipes that surround the drain.

You're Part of the Process

Although your drains are part of a complex system that operates behind your walls and floors, you can still play an active role in ensuring it remains in good condition.

Proper Use

The most important step you can make is to use your drains properly. Make certain you aren't using your drains as a waste receptacle. Your drains should be reserved for liquids. Don't toss hair, food waste and other objects that are not biodegradable down the drain.

These objects will only clog your drains, backing up your pipes and increasing the risk of a water leak or flood. This is especially true when it comes to the drain that leads from your kitchen sink. Make certain you put your food waste in the trash and not your sink.

Drain Cleaning

It's also important that you have your drains cleaned regularly. Even when you are diligent about ensuring you aren't putting harmful things down your drain, issues like grease and soap buildup can lead to a blockage in your drain.

A professional cleaning will help remove this build up and ensure more efficient water-flow. For the most part, drain cleanings are performed on an as-needed schedule. If you begin to notice that your water is draining slower than normal, this is generally an indication that you need to contact a plumber and have this service performed.

Don't let drain issues have an effect on your home's plumbing system. Make certain that you are reaching out to a plumbing professional to have your problems resolved and keep your plumbing system operating efficiently.

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