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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Three Out-Of-The-Ordinary Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Home That Use Solar Energy

by Nicholas Jenkins

Solar energy can be collected in many different ways. In residential applications, it is often PV solar panels. There are other types of solar collections systems that can be used for things like heating hot water or even for heating and cooling your home. Solar energy can provide your home with heating and cooling that costs very little to operate. This can be in the form of several different types of solar HVAC systems. Here are three solar heating and cooling systems that you can have installed in your home:

1. Passive Solar Heating To Reduce Heating Costs

Passive solar heating can come in many different forms, which involves the process of heating air that can then be distributed in your home and reduce energy consumption of conventional HVAC. This can be a collector that heats air and then blows it into your home with a small fan. It can also be a greenhouse, which heats up during the day, and then uses a fan to blow the hot air into your home to provide you with heating. It is a less efficient type of solar heating, but it is very affordable and something that most people will be able to do on their own. It can be great if you have a greenhouse or glass enclosure attached to your home that is warm on a sunny day.

2. Active And Combination Solar Heating Systems

Active solar heating is use solar collectors to heat a liquid, which is then used to provide heating to your home. These can be standalone systems, or they can be combined with conventional heating systems. These systems will usually need to have an auxiliary heating system for when solar energy is not available. To reduce the need of auxiliary heating, thermal storage can be used to store excess heat when it is available, which can then be used to heat your home when there is no solar energy available for your heating.

3. Solar AC For Cooling Small Areas Of Your Home

Solar energy can also be used for the cooling in your home. This is usually done with a small PV solar panel, which will then provide electricity to a conventional AC system that uses pressurized gas for cooling. Because the amount of power may be limited, these systems are ideal for smaller spaces, but you may be able to use more than one panel and unit to provide cooling for different areas of your home. If you live in an area with mild summers, this type of system may be an ideal cooling system for the few hotter months where you will need a limited amount of cooling.

These are some of the solar energy solutions that can provide your home with heating and cooling. If you need help with the installation of one of these systems, contact an HVAC contractor such as Allzone Air Conditioning & Heating Corp and ask them about solar heating and cooling.