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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

3 Ways To Make Your Commercial Entry Doors More Decorative

by Nicholas Jenkins

If you own a business you likely understand the important role that commercial entry doors play in keeping your business secure. These doors are designed to prevent unlawful entry, but they can also be pretty plain in appearance.

If you want your entry doors to draw in more customers, consider customizing them with these 3 tips to help you make your entry doors more decorative.

1. Choose Decorative Glass

Opting for an artistic glass insert is one of the easiest ways to add a decorative flair to your commercial entryway. While your primary concern should always be safety, you will be happy to know that laminated glass comes in many decorative styles.

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass laminated with a thermoplastic interlayer. This construction design helps to make the piece of glass extremely secure. By choosing a decorative interlayer rather than a clear one, you can completely change the look of your commercial entry doors. If additional strength is required, laminated glass can also be tempered without compromising the appearance of the design you have selected.

2. Incorporate Decorative Hardware

Choosing decorative knobs and hinges for your commercial entry doors can add a bit of drama without compromising safety. Swapping out your door's hinges is an especially easy way to update the look of your entryway.

By opting to go with hinges that feature split finishing, you can give your customers something visually interesting to look at in your entryway. Split finishing combines two or more finishes in a single hinge to create a high-end, customized look. Using these hinges in lieu of traditional ones will help make your entry doors more decorative.

3. Utilize Bright Colors

Most commercial entry doors are constructed using durable metal materials. While these materials are great for keeping would-be burglars at bay, they aren't very visually appealing. You can remedy this problem by choosing to paint your doors an aesthetically pleasing color.

To achieve the best look possible, be sure that you use a primer when painting the exterior of your doors. This will help the latex paint adhere to the metal's surface, and prevent the paint from peeling off when the metal becomes heated throughout the day.

There is no way to avoid having commercial entry doors if your want your business to be safe and secure, but you can make these doors more decorative by making a few simple changes to their existing design.