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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

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Finding The Right Contractor For Home Repair

Hosting Overnight Guests? How To Avoid A Septic Tank Overflow

by Nicholas Jenkins

Do you have a small or aging septic tank that overflows when you send too much water through the system in a short period of time? No one wants to deal with a smelly, flooded backyard, and this challenge is even less welcome when you have guests to entertain. All of the extra showers and flushes from overnight guests can really tax your temperamental septic tank to its limit if you're not careful.

Despite what you may think, having overnight guests when you have a finicky septic tank is not an automatic sentence to a weekend of calls to your plumber. By following these tips, you and your guests can work together to conserve water and avoid a septic mishap.

Tip #1: Tell your guests about the problem.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Be honest with your guests about the fact that your septic tank is sensitive, and that you'd like them to conserve water. Chances are, they'll be more than happy to oblige. It's easier to follow tips 2, 3 and 4 if everyone works together.

Tip #2: Stagger your showers throughout the day.

Instead of having everyone shower in the morning, have a few guests shower in the early morning, a few others in late morning, and still others in the afternoon and evening. This will give your tank time to drain between water rushes.

Tip #3: Consider skipping your shower.

This isn't as scandalous as it seems! As long as you haven't been outside digging in the mud and hiking up mountains, you're probably not that dirty anyways. Even though showering every day is a cultural norm in western society, physicians say doing so isn't really necessary for health. Skipping a shower and asking close family members to do the same so that guests can shower won't hurt anyone.

Tip #4: If it's yellow, let it mellow.

Whether or not you decide to follow this tip will depend on just how concerned you are about an overflow, and just how close and comfortable you are with your guests. Consider not flushing the toilet every time someone uses it. Keep the lid closed, and just flush it after someone goes number 2. You'll end up sending a lot less water down the pipes.

Keep in mind, a septic tank that overflows often probably needs to be either pumped or replaced with a larger tank. Once your guests return home and you have some spare time, consider calling a plumber to take a look at your tank and tell you how to make improvements, so that the next time you have overnight guests, everyone can flush and shower without worry.

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